1. Allah Ta'ala is Qadim. He was always in existence and will forever remain in existence. He has existed by Himself and was not brought into existence. He is not dependent upon anyone or anything to keep Him in existence. His existence is a Must and therefore His non-existence is impossible. This quality of Allah Ta'ala is also referred to as Wajibul Wujood.

2. All the qualities of Allah Ta'ala belong to him exclusively. Just as there is no other being like Him, likewise no other being possesses any of Allah Ta'ala's qualities. Therefore He is Wahid,One. The Quraan says, "There is no partner unto him (Allah)." To believe in the Oneness of Allah Ta'ala is referred to as Tauheed.

3. To believe that there is another being like Allah Ta'ala, or that other beings have the same qualities Allah Ta'ala has is shirk i.e. ascribing partners unto Him. To do so will deprive one of entry into Jannah. The Quran says : "Undoubtedly, Allah has forbidden Jannat upon him who ascribes partners unto Allah." (S:5 - A:72)

4. As there is no other being that is like Allah Ta'ala, and none possesses any of His qualities, He therefore alone is worthy of worship. All our ibadaat (acts of worship) in every form only for Him. To offer any ibadaat for anyone besides Allah Ta'ala, is shirk. The Quraan says "We worship You alone" (S: 1 - A: 4)

a. Our salaat and sacrifice is for Allah Ta'ala alone. It is not permissible to offer salaat or a sacrifice in the name of any being besides Allah Ta'ala.The Quraan says:

" Perform salaat and offer sacrifice for your Sustainer." (S:108 - A:2)

b. It is not permissible to bow (make ruku) or prostrate ( make sajdah) to any other being, object or grave besides Allah Ta'ala. The Quraan says: " O Believers! Bow, prostrate and worship your Sustainer." (S:22 - A:77)

c.We direct all our duas (prayers) unto Allah Ta'ala alone. It is shirk to make dua unto any other being besides Allah Ta'ala. The Quraan says: "Supplicate (make dua) unto Me, I will answer you." (S:40 - A:60)

5. Allah Ta'ala is All-Knowing. No other being possesses the knowledge as possesed by Allah Ta'ala. Allah Ta'ala is aware of the greatest and the tiniest of things well before it came into existence and long after it has perished. Nothing is hidden from Him. Among His special attributes that He is "Iimul Ghaib" (knowledge of the unseen). No other being possesses this quality. The Quraan says: "None in the heaven and the earth , except Allah knows the unseen." (S:27 - A:65)

6. Allah Ta'ala is Omnipresent. He alone has this quality of being everywhere, at all times and at one and the same time. No other being possesses this quality. The Quraan says: "He is with you whereever you are." (S:57 - A:4)

People are scattered all over the world, but Allah Ta'ala is with each of them wherever they are. He is with all of them at one and the same time.